News: August 2017

The August meeting was started with an Extraordinary General Meeting required to amend
the Constitution in respect of the maximum number of members allowed. The motion was
to increase the number from 60 to 70 and was carried by a unanimous show of hands.

This was followed by the normal monthly meeting where the speaker was a gentleman by
the name of Derek Poulson. His theme was “Its Not What You Say But The Way That You
Say it.” No-one expected what was to follow. Derek was able to mimic every dialect from
various Scottish regions, Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland also North and South
Wales together with every region in England. In the process, he had members rocking with
laughter as he highlighted some of the characteristics of each.

There was also a serious undertone whereby he was able to explain the divides between
East, West, North and South in terms of the origins of each dialect be it Germany, France or

This is one speaker who will not be forgotten for some time.