News: February 2013

This month’s speaker was Prof. Ian Morison, Manchester University, he gave a riveting talk entitled “Are We Alone”. Well yes, based upon current evidence we are. It is a question that mankind has asked for centuries and even now with sophisticated radio telescopes around the world, the eerie silence is maddening, no signals or radio waves that may indicate that intelligent life exists or did exist. Currently Mars with its canyons and volcanoes is attracting attention and results are eagerly awaited of the rock analysis from a test drilling. A future project is The Square Kilometre Array (SKA) which is under construction in the West Australian outback and South Africa, it will be 10,000 times faster than current equipment. Intelligent life as we know it may not exist, but it is quite possible however that life is present somewhere in our galaxy but in a very basic form such as existed on Earth billions of years ago. Professor Morison answered many questions but we were left with much to think about.

Tour organiser Graham Hannen tells me that he has no immediate plans to arrange a visit to the West Australian SKA at Murchison but arrangements for the visit to Bletchley Park on the 17th April are now finalised. Probus members and their guests are also eagerly looking forward to visits to The Electric Mountain and Slate Museum at Llanberis on the 29th May, Worcester and the Morgan Car Factory on the 24th July and perhaps the highlight of this year’s programme a short holiday break visiting Thursford Christmas Show and Norwich and Cambridge in November.

John Hall confirms that the indoor bowling at Shrewsbury has been arranged for Friday, 22nd February and a provisional date for the Marriots challenge match at Yoxall Centre on Wednesday 13th of March.

Howard Yates has arranged another “High Tea at G,s” on Wednesday the 27th February at 5.00pm, reservations can be obtained from Howard.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 12th March, 10.15am at Bradwall Village Hall. Anyone interested in a visit or joining should visit our website at probus-sandbach