News: February 2014

The speaker for January was Prof. Terry Gallaghan his subject was ‘Researching the Arctic’, Prof. Gallaghan is a Nobel Peace Prize winner as one of the authors of the Influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. The Arctic consists of parts of Canada, Russia, USA, Denmark, Norway, Sweden Finland and Iceland. Sizable natural resources occur including oil, gas, coal and minerals and in addition there are six indigenous populations. Climatologists believe that the melting of the polar ice cap is accelerating and that within a few years it will be possible to sail through the Arctic for a few weeks each year enabling container ships to deliver goods faster and cheaper between Asia and Europe. In conclusion Prof. Gallaghan concluded that the Arctic is especially vulnerable to the effects of global warming and significant international interest is increasing.

On a more amusing subject February’s speaker was Janet Bradshaw on ‘Life without Chocolate”. Not on the topical issue of dieting but on life before chocolate was introduced to Europe in the mid 17th century. Until chocolate arrived anyone with a sweet tooth satisfied their craving with honey and nuts.

Following on the theme of chocolate the first excursion of this year for members and guests is a visit to York on the 9th of April , including  a visit to the famous chocolate factory, home of the world famous Kit-Kat among many other tasty delights. Of particular interest to chocoholics is the ‘Indulgence Zone’ , were the House Hot Chocolate is recommended. Other attractions include York Minster, The Shambles and The Railway Museum. Graham Hannen, 01270  764777 for further details.

The Spring Lunch on the 18th of March has been arranged by David Carr and will be at Sheila’s, Rushton Spencer.

The indoor bowling season is coming to an end with two events left, the long mat event at at Shrewsbury on the 5th of March and the concluding event against Marriott Vets. at the Yoxall Centre on the 19th of March. Preparations for the outdoor bowling season are now well under way.

The club meets on the second Tuesday of the month. For more information on the club and the travel programme, visit       JKT.