News: February 2019

Members agreed that Alan Cooper be admitted as a new member, having transferred from another Probus Club.

The Members were informed that Graham Hannen, who has done so much for the Club was very ill and the Members sent their best wishes for a speedy recovery.
The indoor bowling is coming to an end having been well supported. April 2nd has been announced as the start date for outdoor bowling on the top green in Sandbach Park. Brian Kerr has assumed responsibility for the programme and has announced a comprehensive list of competitions with other clubs throughout the summer.

David Slack confirmed that there will be a hotpot lunch immediately following the AGM in April and a further one following the October Meeting. He also stated that the Club will be subsidising the cost of the April meal.

Club Member David Wharton, having reached the ripe old age of 90, was presented with a Life Membership Award.

The victim this month for Keith Town’s This is Your Life was Phil Lawrence whose adult life started with an electrical apprenticeship and on to TV engineer and finally computing. Phil amused everyone with his anecdotes about holidays and horse riding.

The guest speaker was the Rev Michael Burgess who told us of his progression through the church with one move as he put to be with similarly minded folks. The talk was interspersed with a number of hilarious stories but on a more serious note he told us how he had spent some time in the Hawarden Library that was set up by Gladstone and named after him following his death in 1898. It was Britain’s first residential library and is a grade 2 listed building.

It still operates as originally intended with live-in accommodation and a thriving visitor centre with catering facilities.