News: July 2013

Football and Gumball

Rory Miller was the speaker at the July meeting, his subject was ‘Who Makes Money out of Football ?’ Rory, a lecturer at Liverpool University, gave a most interesting insight into the business of football. The Premier league was formed in 1992 with twenty member clubs, Sky television secured an agreement for live matches worth £300 million, the latest agreement cost £3 billion. Additional income from ticket sales, hospitality, sponsorship and commercial sales ensure that Premership clubs, and in particular, their players and agents enjoy undreamt of wealth. Next months subject ‘Doorstep Crime’.

Fifty members and their guests enjoyed an excellent visit to the Morgan Car factory at Malvern in Worcestershire were a workforce of 140 continue to build their cars in their traditional method. The success of the company was founded on the iconic Morgan three wheeler, developed in 1909, utilising a lightweight chassis powered by a powerful motorcycle engine. In 1936 the four wheel Morgan went into production and the three wheeler was gradually phased out. In 2010 Morgan went back to its original roots and re-introduced the three wheeler powered by an Harley Davison twin with an acceleration of 0 to 60mph in 4.5secs and a top speed of 115mph. In 2012 the three wheeler conquered the USA winning the coveted Spirit of the Gumball award, so if you want a fun car that’s a head turner and you have about £30,000 to spare you now know what to buy but don’t hold your breath there is a waiting list for all of the Morgan cars. The tour concluded with a visit to the beautiful historic city of Worcester.

Graham Hannen’s has organised the another day out on the 18th of September, it will be to Bury Market but we will travel from Rawtenstall station by steam train.

On Wednesday, 21st August, David Carr has arranged a summer lunch with Mrs. Lomas at Byley

The club summer singles and doubles matches are now well under way with new members Jim Carter and Chris Tyrer giving a very good account of themselves.

The Probus Club of Sandbach meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 10.15am at Bradwell Village Hall.