News: June 2017

June News:

Among items discussed at the Member’s Meeting was an announcement that the Club had purchased a sound system eminently suited to our needs following the fitting of acoustic panelling in the hall making it difficult for many members whose hearing has deteriorated with age.    The Vice President invited anyone interested to see it.  It will be rolled out for the President’s lunch next month and used in all subsequent meetings.

This month’s speaker was Dr Jeff Cuttell whose talk was “The Trouble With Men”.  Jeff gave an interesting but salutary insight into the world of young men growing up in modern Britain. He drew many examples of how young men were being outpaced by young women in this modern world and the societal risks posed by this as so many are finishing up in the criminal world and the penal system.

There were a number of questions posed along with examples of men losing pace in both the work place and society but sadly no easy answers forthcoming

On the 7th June, The Club Travel group stepped back in time with a visit to the site of a wartime love story of two married people albeit not to each other in the award winning film and memorable classic, Brief Encounter.   The film location is at Carnforth Station in the Lake District and has been preserved exactly as it was when filming in 1945.

On the Carnforth Heritage Centre station platform today, the scene is very reminiscent of what it would have been during filming. The large station clock manufactured by Joyce of Whitchurch can be seen together with the refreshment buffet featured in the film.  Luggage of the period is still stacked on the platform as it would have been in 1945. The Centre enjoys different exhibitions including the “Age of Steam”, “Wartime Carnforth”, the “Bateman Gallery” and of course “Brief Encounter” where you are able to view the original film in the small theatre.    The film was directed by David Lean who went on to direct among many others, including Dr Chivago,Ryan’s Daughter, Bridge Over The River Kwai and Oliver.

The party then travelled through the deep Lancashire countryside and narrow lanes to the superb Leighton Hall, home to the Gillow family whose company was better known as Waring and Gillow.   Some years ago, the story goes, Mr Reynolds the owner, was showing a French lady and gentleman around the house, and when he brought them into the principal bedroom, he explained that he and his 12 brothers and sisters had been born in this bed. Apparently the French lady was horrified and turned to her husband and said “ It’s not a bed, it’s a battlefield!”

The tour ended in the chapel and music room.   Leighton Hall invites any visitor who happens to be a pianist group to play the grand piano.