News: November 2012

We had the Cheshire version of “All Creatures Great and Small” this month when the speaker, veterinary surgeon John Clewlow, gave a talk entitled “ What Goes in Must Come Out”. As the title suggests we were to hear all about the peculiar eating habits of animals, particularly dogs. Mr. Clewlow said that dogs would eat anything from plastic toys, prescription tablets, stones, coal, socks and even the upholstered arm off a chair. The dogs digestive system copes with most things but serious problems arise when the object becomes lodged in the dogs windpipe. Cats are not blameless, their fascination for wool and cotton, especially when a needle is attached, often require surgery. Mr Clewlow had numerous items on display that he had surgically removed from animals including the steel spring out of the chair arm, his talk was exceptionally interesting and delivered with a great sense of humour.

Forty members and their friends visited the BBC studios at Media City, Salford Quays. We were made very welcome by the tour guides and visited numerous studios. Programmes such as Blue Peter, Dragons Den, BBC Breakfast and Match of the Day are now based at Salford. The visit was brought to a conclusion when members of our party were invited to a studio to try their potential broadcasting skills at news reading and of course the weather girl’s job. Afterwards we confidently hung around waiting for a job offer, but sad to say, none came, can’t think why not!

The indoor bowls continues to enjoy its popularity, the meetings ends on the 19th of December and resume again on the 9th of January. John Hall is also trying to arrange a Christmas match at Shrewsbury on the 3rd of December.

High Tea at Gee’s is on Wednesday 28th November at 5.00pm, contact Howard Yates to reserve your place. The very popular Probus Christmas lunch will take place on the 11th of December at Hunters Lodge, more than one hundred members and their guests are expected to attend.

The Probus Club of Sandbach meets on the second Tuesday in the month at Bradwall Village Hall at 10.15am.