News: October 2013

The speaker this month was Bob Kermeen on the subject of “Iraqs Weapons of Mass Destruction – True or False”. Bob a retired Wing Commander and Chartered Engineer reminded us that WMD’s were nothing new, in 1347 the besieged city of Kaffa was attacked by Tartar’s who catapulted dead plague victims over the city walls. More recently mustard gas and phosgene were used in the first world war. The Riegle report on the 1980-88 Iran – Iraq war revealed that the USA had supplied chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein. Where these the very same WMD which could be activated in 45 minutes that Tony Blair referred to in September 2002 ? And why was the report on the post mortem examination into the cause of government scientist Dr. David Kelly’s death suppressed until 2073 ? The Chilcot Inquiry into the nations role in the Iraq war was completed almost two years ago, inevitably whiffs of suspicion grow over the delay, could it be that some senior reputations are at stake? Bob certainly left the members with much to think about.

The September coach visit for members and guests was the usual sell out. “The Famous Bury Market by Steam Train” was the destination. Our journey first took us to Rawtenstall to transfer to the steam train. The noisy loco trundled into the station accompanied by the usual smoke, steam and familiar smell provoking wonderful memories and great photograph opportunities. “All aboard”, the carriage doors slammed shut and we were on our way to Bury. The Transport Museum was just outside the station and this was a popular attraction before visiting the market. Beautifully preserved tractors, steam rollers, buses, lorries and cars were on display in the carefully restored 1848 railway warehouse. The famous Bury market received its charter in the 15th century and with 370 stalls it claims to be the largest in the country. Perhaps it is most famous for its championship black puddings and they did not disappoint. Graham Hannen brings the touring season to a grand climax next month when with a mini break to Cambridge, Norfolk and “The Thursford Christmas Spectacular”.

The bowling section ended the season with the club doubles and singles finals. In the doubles match Derek Watts and Anne Furness came from behind to claim victory over Graham Hannen and John Berry 21 to 18. The singles final between Bob Reade and Derek Watts was a very close match, at 20-20 it took the tape measure to determine that the title was Bob’s by a whisker.

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