News: October 2017

Our current Treasurer Max Higgs has done a great job on behalf of the Club but is having to stand down due to ill health.   In order to appoint a successor, an EGM is required to approve the appointment.   Notice has been given that this will be held immediately before the next monthly meeting in November.

The speaker this month was a Club member, Phil Lawrence whose subject was Internet and Cyber Security.   Far from being over the heads of many of the members, Phil who works closely with the police, and many other public bodies to protect their data, opened the eyes of everyone who thought that their computer was safe from attack.  Phil described many of the threats that exist and how they may occur.

He gave practical advice on how to minimise the risks be keeping software up to date and making sure that all incoming e-mails are scrutinised for authenticity before opening them.

 Also this month the Club embarked on another highly successful tour organised by Club member Graham Hannen, to the World of Glass in St Helens. 

Formed in 1826, The Pilkington Glass Company was a partnership between members of the Pilkington and Greenall families.   In 1845, the Greenall family withdrew from the partnership with the company then becoming Pilkington Brothers Ltd.

On arrival at the World of Glass Museum, the group was welcomed by guides who, after tea or coffee in the Kaleidoscope Café, took them on a detailed visit to the many different galleries that included the Glass Roots Gallery depicting the history of glassmaking with artefacts dating back to ancient Egypt.

The visit took in the Victorian Furnace and Underground Tunnels that were developed by William Windle Pilkington in 1887.   An audio visual display explained the history and how the furnace worked.

No one can fail to be impressed with the giant Manchester Airport Chandelier in the entrance.  One of four to be installed in the 1960s.  Weighing over two tons, more than 17 feet high and eight feet wide and comprising 1,300 hand blown droplets of clear, smoked grey and amethyst lead glass and created by Venini of Murano.

The tour concluded with a visit to the glass blowing theatre where beautiful glassware is produced by highly talented glassblowers.


Image caption: The party under the giant chandelier at World of glass, October 2017