News: September 2013

The Probus Club of Sandbach held its monthly meeting recently, Paul Unwin from Cheshire East Council spoke on the subject of “Doorstep Crime”. He said some traders who call at your door may be honest but some are not and they can be very persuasive if you enter into a conversation. Bad practices associated with “ rogue traders” cold calling include pressure selling, over priced sub- standard home maintenance or improvements, phoney consumer surveys, and bogus charity collections. Paul advised to have a safety chain fitted, do not be afraid to say no and under no circumstances allow them into your house.

Local author Jean Williams spoke of her experiences in farming. Jean initially spoke on the changing situation in farming with organically produced crops that use compost and manure and fertile soil is developed by crop rotation. More recently genetically modified crops have been developed with induced traits intended to benefit the farmers, critics however question their long term safety. On a more humorous theme Jean related to the numerous antics of badgers and hedgehogs but perhaps the star of the farm was the hand reared orphan lamb Thumbelina who lived for ten years sleeping with the horses at night and joining the working dogs in the day. Jean said that she was always a really mixed up kid.

As the evenings grow longer the outdoor bowling season has almost come at an end but I am pleased to report that it is a triumphal end with a trouncing of Saxon Cross Probus 147 to 74 and a hard fought victory over U3A Tudor 119 to 103. The club singles and doubles matches are now in their final stages. The indoor bowling season commences on Wednesday 2nd of October at the Yoxall Centre Haslington.

Next months speaker, Tuesday 8th October 10.15am, Bob Kermeen on “Iraqs Weapons of Mass Destruction, True or False”.

The Probus Club of Sandbach meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 10.15am at Bradwall Village Hall. For more information visit
J. Keith Towns